The Lung Association - Ontario has formed a partnership with Radon Environmental to provide radon test devices that are recognized by Health Canada and C-NRPP certified.

Radon Environmental’s President & CEO, Alan Whitehead, is passionate about educating Canadians about radon. With his family, he lived in a home that tested 16 times higher than Health Canada’s guideline for radon exposure. It wasn’t until 10 years after his family moved that his wife Janet was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Today, Janet is a radon-induced lung cancer survivor and the Whitehead family is active in raising radon awareness. They have produced a series of videos including Janet's Story to help protect others from this preventable illness.

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Janet's Story

“Five years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a huge shock. Like most people, I thought only people who smoked got lung cancer. But that’s not the case. “


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