Rapidos + Radtrak2 bundle

Rapidos + Radtrak2 bundle


2 alpha track detectors: 1 for short term measurement and 1 for long term measurement.

Holmes Approved, recognized by Health Canada, C-NRPP listed measurement device. Analyzed by ISO 17025 accredited lab.

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Get fast and approved results with the BUNDLE: includes a short term Rapidos and long term Radtrak2 test.

Alpha track detectors for long and short term measurements. 

Worldwide, the alpha track is the most commonly used technique for radon measurement. The Radtrak2 and Rapidos by Radonova are reliable detectors for both residential and commercial measurement needs.

Device is composed of film elements inside anti-static plastic housing. Radon enters by diffusion.

Detector analysis performed using state-of-the-art image scanner at Radonova’s C-NRPP accredited laboratory. Exposure results expressed in Bq/m3.

Key features:

  • report by C-NRPP and ISO 17025 accredited world-renowned laboratory

  • suitable for long term 90-day or one year testing, and short term 10-day or one month testing

  • lab fees included in price (customer responsible for return shipping to our North American radon lab; tracking strongly recommended)

  • confidential results emailed in 7-10 business days

  • bundle includes one Radtrak2 and one Rapidos; may be used at two different testing locations